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Wild Indigo Arts is Founder, Visionary Artist and Lead Educator

Loren Crea Abbate.

Loren Crea has always believed in the power of the arts to heal, inspire growth and deepen our connection to Self, Others and the Collective.

Loren Crea holds a masters degree in art education with a concentration in art therapy. She is an exhibiting artist, reiki energy practitioner, student of non-dualism philosophy, intuitive guide and service-oriented for shamanic, energy work and sacred healing arts practices.


As an artist, Loren Crea has shown her work in galleries and institutions globally. She been the recipient of numerous grants and residencies including two years as a printmaker at Art Center South Florida. She had been teaching and leading groups in the art of creative self-expression for over 2 decades.

Loren Crea uniquely blends studies in art therapy, art education, non-dual philosophy, nature-based wisdom and community building to bring creativity, personal development and the arts to the forefront of awareness. In her career, Loren Crea has served diverse populations from school aged children, to at-risk teens, senior citizens and special needs students.  Due to the wide scope of background and experience working in educational settings, Loren has been able to identify a need for progressive and safe spaces to express the subconscious mind as an act of radical self-acceptance and personal freedom.

Loren Crea is passionate about the power of using creativity and shamanic practices as a tool for spiritual awakening, mental clarity, emotional expression, releasing energy and integrating the conscious and subconscious minds. She is a firm believer that children have direct access to divine energy that needs to be expressed, accessed, encouraged and celebrated while elders have great wisdom to impart on the rest of us.  

Wild Indigo Arts is a visionary program to guide humans who want to expand and co-create a world of more beauty, peace, love, freedom and harmony.

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