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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Wild Indigo Arts for?
Anyone who wants to get into clearer communication with their creative life force energy. Adults who are seeking to express more creativity and possibly work with assisted plant-allies or artists going deeper into their creative process as well as folks who are integrating mind-expansion experiences. Wild Indigo Arts is also wonderful for children ages 5 and up who desire more creative expression opportunities along with nature-based education philosophy. Wild Indigo Arts is also well-suited for seniors who are looking to release creative energy and discover new aspects of themselves in their golden years.

Why is this type of education needed?

By activating the imagination and uncovering creative instincts with a Wild Indigo Arts facilitator, the mind, body, heart and spirit can begin to have a more harmonious dialogue. New ideas, inspirations, soulful messages and inner wisdom can begin to take shape and attach new meaning. If we, as a human species, are going to create the world we desire to live in, then we will require safe spaces to create, envision and imagine what is possible. 

What are some types of guided activities I can expect from a Wild Indigo session? 

A Wild Indigo Arts Facilitator will take clients through carefully curated experiences of consciousness exploration, dreamwork, self-reflection and purpose-driven action. Activities such as art-making projects and prompts, creative writing exercises, meditation, games & discovery inquiry-based activities, music appreciation, field trips,  Nature walks, movement and other formats of transformative education and meaningful exchange will take place with emphasis on Creativity as a tool for accessing the Higher Self. 

Are materials provided?

This depends on the client and their level of experience with their own creative practice. 

If the clients have art materials, we can use theirs as well as materials that may be provided. In the future, Wild Indigo Arts will be offering kits in our shop that can be purchased for our variety of clientele and their levels of experience.

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