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Creativity is a mystical experience, a process of inspiration from somewhere beyond the Self.

Wild Indigo Arts is a progressive and transformative arts education, therapeutic and sacred healing arts modality to awaken creativity in all aspects of life.

Offering enriching workshops, inspiring classes and creativity counseling sessions.

Deepening a sense of purpose through the cultivation of imagination, expression and celebration of the arts.


Choose from a variety of guided creative experiences for youth, adults or elders. 

1-4 hour frameworks options 

Learning pods consist of 1-8 students. 

One-on-one creativity counseling sessions. Sessions are customized to appeal to the clients drives, goals and passions. Sessions can be online or in person


The mission of Wild Indigo Arts is to expand creative inquiry, harness inspiration and nurture the infinite curiosity of our imaginations. Wild Indigo Arts examines the multidimensional nature of consciousness so that we can become more integrated, whole and connected to our unique, soul purpose through inspired action.


Choose from Wild Indigo Arts education programs, workshops or private sessions to come closer to your true nature and creative potential.


Wild Indigo Arts sessions are highly curated to inspire new ideas, explorations and possibilities to know the Self with greater awareness. By cultivating the power of imagination and innovation, we can develop new skills in the arts and actualize our dreams and inspirations, while being grounded in direct experience with the timeless wisdom traditions of the world. 

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